I am an urban ethnographer, Professor of Geography at the Polytechnic of Turin (Italy) and Visiting Professor of Urban Studies at the University of Sheffield (UK). I am also a member of the Common Front for the Right to Housing (FCDL), based in Bucharest (Romania). 
As an urban ethnographer, my job is to encounter the city and then to represent that encounter. As an activist, I consider every encounter to be political. The camera is a tool to draw and to engage, but also a way to get some joy through light. Other forms of assemblage, including academic papers, can be found on my personal page.
All my work is done with Pentax cameras (K1ii, KP, and Ricoh GRiii).
I occasionally do commercial photography, for film-makers interested in high-quality backstage stills or local businesses. Contact me if you wish to discuss a project.
You can reach me clicking here or @michelelancione.